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PLUGGY @ Euromed 2018

PLUGGY, along with other 16 EU projects related to cultural heritage, participated in the Cultural Informatics workshop on the 3rd of November… Read More

Sign Now: Berlin Call to Action “Cultural Heritage for Future of Europe”

All those who care for Europe’s past, present and future are invited to sign, support and widely share the Berlin Call to… Read More

PLUGGY @ EuroVR 2018

A poster entitled “3D Object Rotation Using Virtual Trackball with Fixed Reference Axis”University of Malaga (UMA) was presented by the University of… Read More

PLUGGY @ European Researchers Night Event in Athens

PLUGGY participated in the European Researchers night in Athens, an event organized by the National and Technical University of Athens (NTUA) at… Read More

PLUGGY @ ‘The UNESCO UK Memory of the World Documentation Inscription Awards’ in London

Pluggy participated in a mini fringe, where several research groups displayed their research related to cultural heritage, which was organized as part… Read More

PLUGGY’s Collaborative Game App spread joy in Italy

Two innovative treasure hunts were organized by PLUGGY’s partner XTeam in order to get evaluation on PLUGGY’s Collaborative Game App in two… Read More

PLUGGY @ 11th International Conference on the Inclusive Museum 2018

Leonidas Argyros from PLUGGY’s partner Clio Muse participated in the 11th International Conference on the Inclusive Museum, which brings together a community… Read More

PLUGGY @ E&PDE18 (International Conference on Engineering & Product Design Education)

In conjunction with the international Engineering & Product Design Education Conference, and the EU PLUGGY project, Imperial College and Royal College of… Read More

PLUGGY @ Silversmithing museum of PIOP

Silversmithing museum of PIOP in Ioannina, Greece welcomed and hosted PLUGGY between 17th and 27th of July 2018. For ten days, visitors… Read More

#PostCulturalHeritage – PLUGGY’s New Social Media Campaign

PLUGGY intends to be a contemporary and accessible tool that supports citizens in their need and aspiration to shape cultural heritage and… Read More

PLUGGY 5th Plenary Meeting in London

The 5th PLUGGY plenary meeting was held on 12 – 13 June 2018 in London, UK. The two-day project meeting was hosted… Read More

PLUGGY shares its Augmented Reality tools

Co-creating augmented cultural experiences in Albertopolis Workshop: 14:30 – 17:30, 5 September 2018, followed by drinks & refreshments Venue: Royal College of… Read More

Augmenting experiences at the Silversmithing Museum with PLUGGY

This summer, an evaluation of PLUGGY’s augmented functionality and features will take place in PIOP’s Silversmithing Museum in Ioannina, Greece. Using PLUGGY’s… Read More

“Η2020 EU Cultural Heritage projects: collaboration possibilities” Workshop in Athens

“Η2020 EU Cultural Heritage projects: collaboration possibilities”: A Workshop that succeeded in gathering the most brillant EU projects in the field of… Read More

PLUGGY at REACH Opening Conference in Budapest

PLUGGY’s partner TUK, the Technical University of Košice, attended the Opening Conference of EU project REACH, presenting a poster about PLUGGY and… Read More

The European Cultural Heritage Summit “Sharing Heritage – Sharing Values” Registrations open till June 1st, 2018

The European Cultural Heritage Summit “Sharing Heritage – Sharing Values, recognized as one of the key events during the European Year of Cultural… Read More

PLUGGY at EU project’s ViMM Project’s Milestone Event in Berlin

The ViMM consensus building event in Berlin on 12 and 13 April, 2018, involved 100+ experts in Digital Cultural Heritage in reshaping… Read More

PLUGGY at the 55th edition of Bologna Children’s Book Fair

PLUGGY attended the 55th edition of Bologna Children’s Book Fair – Fertile Ground for Children’s Content, from March 26th to 29th, 2018 and met the fair’s hundreds of participants through a projects’ booth, set by its Italian partner XTeam Software Solutions. Read More

Culture is Digital: a UK report on Culture and Digital Technology

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport has released the report “Culture is Digital”. Although the report is focusing on the United Kingdom it offers an interesting mapping of culture and digital technology for all regions. Read More

The Faro Convention Action Plan Handbook 2018 – 2019

The theoretical framework provided by the Council of Europe Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society (Faro Convention, 2005) are translated into specific actions through the Faro Action Plan, a platform designed to display the diversity and flexibility of the Convention’s principles. Read More

1st Review Meeting and 4th Plenary Meeting in Brussels

On February 13th, 2018, PLUGGY team members traveled to Brussels, Belgium to participate in the 1st Review Meeting of the project, hosted at the Slovakian Liaison Office for Research and Development Office for Research and Development (SLORD). The meeting was held to review the first 12 months of PLUGGY and discuss feedback on the research activities carried out during this period. Read More

PLUGGY at the DANDELION – COURAGE Research Policy Workshop

On the 14th February 2018, the projects COURAGE and DANDELION organised a joint Research Policy Workshop entitled, “Coordinating Policy Recommendations for Durable Action”. Taking place in Brussels, the workshop aimed to improve the capacity of H2020 projects in the development of policy recommendations, developing synergies and bringing the results directly to representatives of the European Commission and policy makers. Read More

What do Europeans think about Cultural Heritage?

On the occasion of the launch of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, a new edition of the Eurobarometer was published during the European Culture Forum, attended by UNESCO Liaison Office Brussels on the 7th December 2017. It is the first EU-wide survey to be conducted on the topic of cultural heritage. Read More

How a heritage social platform could highlight a Christmas Thematic Park?

PLUGGY was presented to the several trainees from Greece, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria who participated to the 4-day educational workshop of the project Den-CuPID (Digital Educational Network for Cultural Projects Implementation and Direction) that took place in the city of Trikala, Greece between 4 and 7 December 2017 in the Research Center- Tsitsanis Museum. Read More

ICT and cultural heritage workshop in European Commission, Luxembourg

PLUGGY concepts and notions were presented at the ICT and Cultural Heritage workshop on 13 – 14 December 2017 at the Euroforum Building in Luxembourg. The event was organized by the EC and its focus was to explore possible future digital based research and innovation activities on European Cultural Heritage in the framework of the next work programme. Read More

Happy European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018!

Throughout 2018, we will celebrate our diverse cultural heritage across Europe – at EU, national, regional and local level. The aim of the European Year of Cultural Heritage is to encourage more people to discover and engage with Europe’s cultural heritage, and to reinforce a sense of belonging to a common European space. Read More

Italian museums see record numbers of visitors and revenue

Italian state museums are on track for another record-setting year in 2017 in terms of visitors and revenue, with the outdoor Colosseum in Rome and Pompeii near Naples topping the Culture Ministry’s most-visited and most-lucrative list. Read More

A short animating film shows the completion of Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família

The completion of Art Nouveau architect Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família basilica in Barcelona is simulated in this movie released to show the final stages of construction anticipated before 2026, 100 years after the death of the architect. Read More

A map of Europe by each nation’s most famous artwork

An ingenious mapmaker halfabluesky has posted this map of Europe on Reddit, featuring well known paintings as the graphic for each European nation. Read More

PLUGGY at the “Cultural Heritage in the Digital Era” workshop organised and hosted by the European Cooperation in Science & Technology Association (COST)

European cultural heritage benefits from a range οf EU policies, programmes and funding, the latter exceeding EUR 4.5 billion for the period from 2007 to 2013. Read More

PLUGGY at the Info day “Museums, Skills and New Perspectives in the digital era”, dedicated to the identification of the created needs of the professionals of culture and museum due to the quickening pace of the adoption of ICT in the cultural sector

The DAISSy Research Group of the Hellenic Open University ( organized the Info day entitled: “Museums, Skills and New Perspectives in the digital era” on Monday 06 November 2017, in the building of Library and Information Center of the Hellenic Open University, in Patras, Greece. Read More

PLUGGY partners gathered in Rome for PLUGGY’s 3rd plenary meeting

On October 23th – 24th, the PLUGGY consortium met at the Eternal City for the 3rd Plenary Meeting of the project. Read More

PLUGGY at the II Meeting on European Associations of Industrial Heritage

PLUGGY was presented at the II Meeting on European Associations of Industrial Heritage, celebrated in Malaga, 27 – 29 October, 2017. Read More

PLUGGY in Smart Innovation Festival 2017

PLUGGY was introduced by its dedicated Italian partner, the XTEAM Software Solutions srls, to several different stakeholders who attended the Festival Smart Innovation 2017 that took place in Silea, Italy on 15 – 17 September 2017. Read More

PLUGGY in INNOVATHENS 6th Business Accelerator, for the support of young entrepreneurs in the Creative & Cultural Industries

PLUGGY was presented during the inauguration event for the 6th cycle of INNOVATHENS Business Accelerator, held in Athens, Greece on October 9th 2017 and focusing for the second subsequent year on Creative and Cultural Industries. Read More

PLUGGY celebrates European Researchers’ Night 2017

PLUGGY joined European Researchers’ Night, held in the premises of the National Technical University in Athens, and came closer to several young attendants and student communities in a night that stimulated interest in and curiosity for science and research through many “edutainment” activities and challenges. Read More

How new technologies are completely revolutionizing the consumption of art

“The best use of digital is to not make you aware of the technology, but to make you aware of the art,” said Jane Alexander, chief information officer at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Museums are looking at the best attendance they’ve ever had, thanks to the way technology is revolutionizing the consumption of art. Read More

European Union bringing communities in Kosovo together in support of cultural heritage protection

The European Union adopted a programme worth €2 million to support confidence building among the ethnic communities in Kosovo through cultural heritage protection. The European Commission adopted this week a programme – under the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP) – worth €2 million to support cultural heritage protection in Kosovo. Read More

Why are culture and creativity so important for cities and which European city is the “ideal” cultural and creative city?

The European Commission released the first ever edition of the ‘Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor’, a brand new tool that provides comparable data on how European cities perform across nine dimensions Read More

Workshop on Advances in Digital Cultural Heritage

PLUGGY co – organized the Workshop on Advances in Digital Cultural Heritage as part of the 23rd ICE/IEEE International Technology Management Conference that took place on the 27th, 28th and 29th June 2017, in Madeira Island – Portugal. Read More

PLUGGY’s 2nd Plenary Meeting

27 – 28 June 2017 | Kosice, Slovakia

On June 27th & 28th, the European Capital of Culture for 2013, the city of Kosice in Slovakia, hosted the PLUGGY consortium for the 2nd Plenary Meeting of the project. Read More

Students contribute to PLUGGY’s communication plan for the younger target groups

PLUGGY welcomes on board Victoria, Gabino, Rafa and Sergio! Our keen and enthusiastic friends – students of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising Department of the University of Malaga, Spain prepared for us a very special proposal for PLUGGY’s local communication strategy and implementation in Spain, as part of their “Cultural Communication” course. Read More

3D Tune-In Toolkit for binaural audio now ready!

The PLUGGY Social Platform and its Pluggable Applications will integrate 3D audio functionalities. This will be achieved exploiting the work done within 3D Tune-In, one of our partner EU projects. Read More

PLUGGY’s 1st Plenary Meeting

22-23 March 2017 │ Malaga, Spain

On March 22nd and 23rd, members from all partner institutions and companies gathered at the premises of the University of Malaga to present the work performed during the first 4 months of the project and plan the work ahead. Read More

PLUGGY is calling for papers for the Workshop on Advances in Digital Cultural Heritage

23rd ICE/IEEE ITMC Conference | Madeira, Portugal, 28 June 2017

PLUGGY is co – organizing the Workshop on Advances in Digital Cultural Heritage as part of the 23rd ICE/IEEE International Technology Management Conference that will take place on the 27th, 28th and 29th June 2017, in Madeira Island – Portugal. Read More

Survey to identify demands and stakeholders in the field of digital cultural heritage

We would be highly appreciated if you could spend some minutes of your valuable time to complete a survey to identify demands… Read More

PLUGGY is looking for personas!

Fill in our online questionnaire and help us fine-tune our designs and features to your insights and expectations. Read More

The great importance of culture and cultural heritage

The great importance of culture and cultural heritage in a simple video! Enjoy!

2018 will be the European Year of Cultural Heritage

In early February, the European Council and the European Parliament reached a provisional decision to officially designate 2018 the first European Year of Cultural Heritage. Read More

PLUGGY Kick Off Meeting

12-13 December 2016 │ Athens, Greece

The PLUGGY consortium met on December 12th & 13th for the project’s kickoff, marking the start of the most expected Social Networking platform for cultural heritage. Read More