More Collaborative Game Testings around Italy!

PLUGGY partner XTEAM organised several events in which the Collaborative Game was used and evaluated by the numerous participants! “The hidden symphony”  was held in Bergamo, on 20 July 2017, where about 30 people participated and seven days later “The Awakening of the Goddess” with almost 40 participants took place in Padova. On 3rd August, another testing entitled “The Hunt” was held in the city of Mantova with 40 participants who evaluated the game while having fun!  Finally, another two Collaborative Game testings were held in September. The first, entitled “The Treasure of Mondolfo” took place in Mondolfo on 1 September 2019 with 160 people taking part and the second in Venice under the title “A Cinema-Like Venice” , an event created on the occasion of the Venice Film Festival a week later.