Augmenting experiences at the Silversmithing Museum with PLUGGY

This summer, an evaluation of PLUGGY’s augmented functionality and features will take place in PIOP’s Silversmithing Museum in Ioannina, Greece. Using PLUGGY’s augmenting features (e.g. 3D-modeling, text, video, 3D sound and animation), selected artifacts from the museum’s collection will be elaborated to enhance digital experiences and virtual stories. Visitors will be able to explore a selection of artifacts beyond the current static information and exhibits. As part of the evaluation, a systematic observation will be conducted to measure the application’s usability and effectiveness in terms of catching visitors’ attention to specific artifacts, prompting for interaction and engaging them personally and socially. Findings will help in providing design and system implications to further optimize the applications.

The evaluation is part of the project’s ongoing evaluation and validation plan, aiming at exploring how visitors experience PLUGGY’s  applications in terms of usability and functionality, as well as their impact on users’ engagement. Further testing of PLUGGY’s applications will take place during PLUGGY’s pilot phases and demonstration events throughout 2018-2019.