PLUGGY is travelling all over Greece and Slovakia, visiting several museums so as to encourage people to use its applications while visiting the exhibitions of each museum. The Environment Museum of Stymphalia, the Open-Air Water Power Museum of Dimitsana,(Peloponnese) and the Silversmithing Museum of Ioannina, all from the Museum Network of our partner PIOP are the three Greek museums which are hosting PLUGGY apps from the 1st August until the end of September.

More specifically, in the Environment Museum of Stymphalia the visitors can use the Virtual Tour and enjoy the unique ecosystem of the lake and the ruins of the ancient city in a route that combines both environmental and cultural features or play the Interactive Game entitled “The messenger of the lake” in which they need to complete different missions (such as answering multiple-choice questions, finding ‘keywords’, taking pictures etc).In the Open-Air Water Power Museum of Dimitsana,(Peloponnese), visitors can walk through the main venues and exhibits of the Museum with the traditional installations and water-powered mechanisms, while enjoying the natural surroundings of Dimitsana and the sound of the flowing water by using the Virtual Tour, use the 3D Soundscapes to hear the sounds of the Museum’s mechanisms and its surrounding environment or play the Interactive Game entitled “An apprentice in 19th century Dimitsana” in which they will be asked to go through some tasks (e.g. scan a QR code, type a keyword or a number, take a photo). In the Silversmithing Museum of Ioannina, visitors can use their mobile phone or ask for the available tablet to experience the exhibits through the Augmented Reality Application and look around the objects or zoom into their craftsmanship. Again, an Interactive Game will be available under the title “A silversmith’s tale in the court of Ali Pasha” that challenges one’s knowledge and observation.

In parallel, the PLUGGY Pilots have started in the East Slovak Museum in Košice since the last week of June and the visitors’ feedback has been great. Both children and adults enjoy the Interactive Game and the Augmented Reality Application with which they can experience the exhibits and discover their hidden stories. PLUGGY apps will stay in the East Slovak Museum and wait for you until the end of September.


We are happy to announce that PLUGGY’s Final Event is approaching and will be held on 20th November 2019 in Athens, Greece!

Registration is free, but availability is limited. Grab your seat here.
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