Become a Cultural Heritage Embassador!
PLUGGY is Europe’s first social networking platform for cultural heritage, which gives voice to the citizens across Europe, enables them to safeguard and enrich the European cultural heritage landscape. The PLUGGY social platform and the pluggable applications (PLUGGY3D, PLUGGY Pins, PlugSonic Suite and Games Hunter) were built upon the idea of empowering European citizens to be actively involved in cultural heritage activities and act not only as observers, but also as maintainers, creators, major influencing factors and more importantly as ambassadors of their country’s Culture and History.

Four free applications to transform your stories into experiences!

PLUGGY3D Suite – For creating AR/VR experiences


The PLUGGY3D suite includes the following applications:

  • PLUGGY3D Create – to edit and process 3d object files within a web-based platform
  • PLUGGY3D Curate – to create AR and VR exhibitions within a web-based platform
  • PLUGGY3D Experience Web – to experience the exhibitions in a web-based application integrated in PLUGGY Social Platform.
  • PLUGGY3D Experience Mobile – to experience the exhibitions created with the web-based application, within a mobile-based (Android) platform

PLUGGYPins – For creating self guided tours


PLUGGY Pins consists of two main tools.

  • PLUGGY Pins Create, allows the creation of cultural geolocation tours in a user friendly environment.
  • PLUGGY Pins Experience, provides access to the available tours through PLUGGY social platform.

PLUGGY Pins Create is integrated and accessible through PLUGGY curatorial tool and all the created tours are accessible through PLUGGY Pins Experience that is integrated in PLUGGY Social Platform.

Games Hunter – For creating games

Games Hunter

“Games Hunter” is a  collaborative game creator and mobile app.

The novelty of this application is the authoring app, which aims to develop collaborative games without previous programming knowledge, providing basic blocks such as rules, routes, packages to create easy-to-use games where end-users are engaged into cultural activities through challenges, trials and other gamification-based techniques. The entire tool consists of a Basic Editor (“drag and drop”), a more complex Editor Pro and the player which is exactly Games Hunter app

PlugSonic suite – For creating soundscapes

PlugSonic suite

PlugSonic suite consists of the various applications that were created to import, edit, process, manage and create audio content within the PLUGGY Social Platform and Curatorial Tools. The PlugSonic suite includes the following applications:

  • PlugSonic Sample – to edit and process individual audio samples within a web-based platform
  • PlugSonic Soundscape – to create and experience 3D interactive soundscapes within a web-based platform
  • PlugSonic Soundscape Experience Mobile – to experience the 3D interactive soundscapes created with the web-based application, within a mobile-based (iOS) platform

Our story

Currently, there aren’t technological tools that enable local communities to promote their local traditions, cultures, customs, and history into a wider European or even global network. Existing applications and social platforms offer the potential to build networks, but they do not focus on cultural heritage and thus theirs tools and processes are suboptimal.
PLUGGY focused on this gap and aimed at creating communities of people interested in Cultural Heritage, from simple citizens to cultural institutions, that would have the opportunity to share their own personalised stories of local cultural knowledge and experiences. Following today’s trends and given the millions of users of popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, we thought that the best way to activate people to be involved in such activities was through a new social platform whose main purpose would be heritage dissemination.

We are happy to announce that PLUGGY’s Final Event is approaching and will be held on 20th November 2019 in Athens, Greece!

Registration is free, but availability is limited. Grab your seat here.
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