D2.1 Faro research and ICT recommendations< - D2.1 Faro research and ICT recommendations D2.1 “Faro Convention realisation” is (a) an extensive literature review on the Faro Convention and accompanying material, (b) a review of interactions and social paradigms that follow and implement the principles of the Faro Convention and (c) a presentation of the main implementation guidelines so that PLUGGY can adhere to the principles of the Faro Convention. D2.1 explores the relevant literature, scholarly publications, and project reports and guidelines originating from the implementation of Faro in order to ensure: That the project will demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the Faro Convention guiding principles. That the project’s deliverables will adhere to the principles of the Faro Convention and will address the concerns of the final users… Read More
D2.2 Users Engagement Report - D2.2 Users Engagement Report The purpose of this deliverable is to analyse projects related to the field of cultural heritage and extrapolate the techniques they used for user’s engagement. In order to create an efficient connection between the users and the platform, the application of a good user’s engagement techniques is essential. With a good plan the platform and its related applications will be able to engage and entertain the users, which in turn will increase the chance of success of the project. Users engagement is a vast topic and as such, there are many different interpretations of it, for this reason a great number of projects were analysed in order to provide a concrete answer to this challenge. Read More
D2.3 Social Platform Design and Specification - D2.3 Social Platform Design and Specification This deliverable is intended to be the reference document for the development of the PLUGGY’s Social Platform modules. It centralises the requirements that this module will satisfy and the decision processes that have led to these requirements. To remain useful for PLUGGY’s developers, it is meant to be a live document, firstly released early in the project as a draft, and updated over the project’s course. The deliverable uses a combination of text, UML diagrams, and graphics to illustrate user interface design decisions. Read More
D2.5 IPR Report - D2.5 IPR Report Deliverable D2.5 “IPR report” presents the results of an analysis of various licenses that can be used within PLUGGY both in relation to (1) the software platforms and applications that will be deployed and released and (2) the data that will be gathered from existing archives and/or archived and curated by the PLUGGY users. This deliverable describes a strategy that takes into consideration both the open source approach adopted by the consortium and the possibility for any external organization or developer to create non-commercial and/or commercial applications by retaining (in whole or in part) their copyright in the creative works and information embodied into their derivative applications. The deliverable identifies as suitable open source licenses for the… Read More
D3.4 Curatorial Tool (pending acceptance) - D3.4 Curatorial Tool (pending acceptance) D3.4 "Curatorial Tool"  describes the implementation aspects and functionalities of the final version of PLUGGY’s curatorial tool, as part of PLUGGY’s social platform. The deliverable aims to provide an overview of the technical implementation of the final version of the curatorial tool and its individual curation applications, along with information of the tools’ capabilities and how they can be used. PLUGGY’s curatorial tool is a core part of PLUGGY social platform functionality. It constitutes of two web-based applications, Blog story and Timeline story, that enable PLUGGY users in creating and experiencing cultural heritage exhibitions using PLUGGY platform’s assets. PLUGGY’s social platform users are able to use its online web-based platform to combine bits and pieces… Read More

We are happy to announce that PLUGGY’s Final Event is approaching and will be held on 20th November 2019 in Athens, Greece!

Registration is free, but availability is limited. Grab your seat here.
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