D3.2 Social Platform

PLUGGY designed and implemented an innovative Social Platform, providing functionality similar to popular social media platforms, adjusted to a heritage-centric point of view, web-based, easy to access and easy to contribute to.
PLUGGY’s social platform users are able to use its online web based platform to combine bits and pieces from different digital content into one comprehensive meaningful story.

The story then resides within the platform as a Virtual Exhibition, accessible by any user and application of the platform. The PLUGGY Social Platform is the front-end to a web-based system that provides social
interaction and digital media content crowdsourcing functionality and is designed based on a modular architecture, allowing web and mobile applications to be plugged in it and utilise its content. The PLUGGY website also provides narrative/audio/visual interactive storytelling services. In its final form the social platform supports four different
applications a) an Augmented Reality application focusing on indoor applications, based on optical markers, ideally suited for museums and heritage sites, where AR tracking can work very well b) a geolocation mobile application, focused on outdoor activities, ideally suited for large outdoor heritage sites and cities, which will also be very useful for daily usage in order to discover everyday landscape c) a 3D sonic narratives application suited for three dimensional stories that focus mainly on audio, utilizing advanced 3D sound techniques and iv) a collaborative game, targeted for younger generations applicable to any museum or heritage site.

The platform also aims to organise communities of users according to their area of interests and social connections. The deliverable is the Social Platform itself at https://beta.pluggy.eu.

Download it!

We are happy to announce that PLUGGY’s Final Event is approaching and will be held on 20th November 2019 in Athens, Greece!

Registration is free, but availability is limited. Grab your seat here.
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