D2.4 Curatorial Tool Design and Specification

D2.4 “Curatorial Tool design and specification” is intended to be the reference document for the development of the Curatorial Tool. It centralises the requirements that this component will satisfy and the decision processes that have led to these requirements. To remain useful for the developers in the project, it is meant to be a live document which is released early in the project as a draft, as MS3 at M10, and updated over the duration of WP2 until its official delivery in M18. The deliverable uses a combination of text, UML diagrams, and graphics to illustrate user interface design decisions.

In exactly the same fashion, D2.3 is intended to be the reference document for the development of the Social Platform component. Both components constitute the front end of the PLUGGY website, which will appear to the novice user as a single application. For this reason, initial release of deliverables D2.3 and D2.4 was done in an aggregated single draft, which is now split into both deliverables for their official submission.

Download it!

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