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D3.4 Content Management Services

The base architecture of PLUGGY includes three main modules: A Social Platform, a Curatorial Tool and a Content Management Services. The D3.4… Read More

D3.2 Social Platform

PLUGGY designed and implemented an innovative Social Platform, providing functionality similar to popular social media platforms, adjusted to a heritage-centric point of… Read More

D3.1 Architecture specification

D3.1 Architecture specification refers to the PLUGGY Architecture, which addresses the Obj2 objective of the project: Obj2 – Design an architecture of… Read More

D2.4 Curatorial Tool Design and Specification

D2.4 “Curatorial Tool design and specification” is intended to be the reference document for the development of the Curatorial Tool. It centralises… Read More

D7.5 Report on the Final demonstration

The D7.5 “Report on the Final demonstration” is carried out as part of PLUGGY WP7 Communication and dissemination. This deliverable focuses on… Read More

D7.4 Report on “App challenge”

In order to promote the use of PLUGGY and demonstrate its pluggable nature, the consortium organised an open competition (app challenge), where… Read More

D7.3 Dissemination Activities and Materials

D7.3 – Dissemination Activities and Material is the public deliverable of the H2020 project PLUGGY. This is an accompanying report of actual… Read More

D7.2 Community Outreach and Policy Briefing

D7.2 – Community Outreach and Policy Briefing is the public deliverable of the H2020 project PLUGGY. This is an accompanying report of… Read More

D5.5 3D Sonic Narratives

This deliverable describes the various soundscapes that were created to showcase the capabilities of PlugSonic Soundscape and the Pluggy social platform. At… Read More

D5.4 Geolocation Stories

Deliverable D5.4 “Geolocation Stories” is of type DEM and presents shortly the tours that have been created to showcase the experience provided… Read More

We are happy to announce that PLUGGY’s Final Event is approaching and will be held on 20th November 2019 in Athens, Greece!

Registration is free, but availability is limited. Grab your seat here.
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