XTEAM – www.xteamsoftware.com

XTeam Software Solution develops software and video games for over 20 years for desktop, mobile, web and console. XTeam Software Solution focuses on the development of algorithms, engines and visual technologies for marketing and entertainment:

· C++ / java / c# high performance 2D engines for mobile games (iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablet, Win8)

· C++ / OpenGL / DirectX high performance 3D engines for desktop and console (Windows, MacOs, XNA)

· Innovative graphics algorithms for advanced manipulation of photos and images (128bits for single pixel) used for the development of photo-editing programs and Adobe Photoshop plugins

· Real Time raytracing for high-quality real time render

· Creation of AI for videogames (like chess and card simulator)

· Augmented reality for architectural CAD (openDWG Alliance)

· Web development

· Directly contribute to R&D in the area of interaction design

XTEam Software Solutions has developed some innovative web technologies like a HTML5 tourism portal for Ferrara , PHP remote data management systems for update the information of portals.

On 2014-2015 XTEam Software Solutions has developed a PHP client/server for multiplayer game “Retaliation Enemy Mine” to use more game center ( Desura, Steam, ConquerClub, Apple Game Center ) with a only account and developed “Retaliation Enemy Mine for adobe flash” for Forgotten Empires.

We are happy to announce that PLUGGY’s Final Event is approaching and will be held on 20th November 2019 in Athens, Greece!

Registration is free, but availability is limited. Grab your seat here.
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