Arcadio Reyes-Lecuona

Arcadio Reyes-Lecuona is an Associate Professor and the head of DIANA research group. He obtained his PhD degree in Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Málaga in 2001. He is a Telecommunication Engineer since 1995 (BSc + MSc equivalent) and Psychologist since 2017 (BSc+MSc equivalent). During the last 20 years, he has been working in VR, haptics, 3D interaction and 3D audio. He has participated in several EU and national projects and has been project manager in two national projects and contact person for the University of Malaga in four European projects. His research interests are in HCI in VR, including 3D interaction with reduced DoF and 3D binaural audio, being one of the coordinators of the 3D Tune-In audio toolkit, an open source library for 3D audio rendering (

Arcadio’s talk description: the PLUGGY3D suite is a set of applications that allow to import, curate and experience AR and VR content within the PLUGGY Social Platform and Curatorial Tools. The PLUGGY3D suite includes the following applications: PLUGGY3D Create, PLUGGY3D Curate, PLUGGY3D Experience Web and PLUGGY3D Experience Mobile. Together they manage the content and functionality required to crowd source virtual exhibitions based on 3D objects.

Watch his speech.

We are happy to announce that PLUGGY’s Final Event is approaching and will be held on 20th November 2019 in Athens, Greece!

Registration is free, but availability is limited. Grab your seat here.
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