PLUGGY’s Geolocation app

PLUGGY Pins is the marketable name of PLUGGY’s Geolocation app and consists of two main tools. The first one, PLUGGY Pins Create, allows the creation of cultural geolocation tours in a user friendly environment. It allows users to choose the location of interest, provide a description and add assets like audio and pictures that are culturally connected to this location. These assets could either be uploaded or found in online cultural libraries that are connected to PLUGGY curatorial platform. The second one, PLUGGY Pins Experience, provides access to the available tours through PLUGGY social platform. The user is allowed to access and follow the path of the tour having access to all the assets that have been uploaded connected to the points of interest of the tour.
PLUGGY Pins Create is integrated and accessible through PLUGGY curatorial tool and all the created tours are accessible through PLUGGY Pins Experience that is integrated in PLUGGY Social Platform.